Monday, April 19, 2010

Present moment..on the beach

The weather is fine on the beach.Love that warm weather.Yesterday I checked out the nest on our bird house and the birds have hatched.....Now the question how long before they get big enough to fly.I cut the grass in front but I hesitate to do it in back because of the birds.But I can dig a garden,,,My pear tree survived the frost and I am on my way to having a lot of pears this year....I still work in the mail room at TCC ,,,,,My favorite Chinese resteraunt is being renovated
I am eager to check it out when it opens,,
My next post Pre Army days,,,.........................Phillip Meyer S/sgt Ret.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Phillips memories

Hello fellow bloggers...While Merle Ann takes the Korean girls to new Jersey for a show in Atalntic city.I have chosen to stay home and teach the last classes to my CCD stuidents. Catholic Christian Doctrine..This I have been doing since just imagine this and it actually happenned.Merle ann and I are in Wal Mart. We approach the cashier a middle age lady. She says I know you,You taught me CCD ...Oh good grief...She did know me..Then one time in TCC
Tidewater Commuity College..This young man with a beard is walking towards me."I know you he says you taught me CCD in the 5th Grade at Star of the sea Church" The first CDD students I had would now be in there late 50s...
This morning frost on the van windows..The bird still on the eggs,,and the cats not saying that bird was Finger licken good...
When those birds hatch its garden and cut the grass in the back time....and I hope the frost did not hurt my pears,,
hillip Meyer S/sgt ret

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Taxes paid,,how about U,,Comments on beach

.....I made the deadline and sent out my payment to the IRS...Another one lss thing to worry about,,,Oh yes the other day when we ent to Munden point park, In virginia Beach and jst a mile or two from North Carolina.,,We pass something I have been looking for along time. Between
Munden Point park and Pungo famouse for its strawberry fields there is a museum for airplaines.I had heard about it but never knew where. Airplanes from world war II ..ect.We did not have a chance to stop but it is now one of those places I want go and see.Virginia Beach has a lot of places to go. Parks, museums, beaches, a lot of good resteraunts..good fishing..amusement parks.On one strip of road at least four parks with trails.The tidewater area is a good place to live if you can stand the traffic........One of my favorite places Fort Story....One of the streets is named after the place the I went with the 344th Trans Co, in 1965 Qui Nhon (Viet Nam...)
Only one man from our company never came home,,,,Phillip Meyer S/sgt Ret

Monday, April 12, 2010

Researching et all

My latest is researching the years 1954 1955,,1956 and 1957 It is amazing how many memories it brings back,, I have a lot of printing out to do..The key year is 1956...
Once I have done some good research then I will write the story,,.
The bird in our back yard still sitting in the nest....The weather staying nice,,Still cool but not cold..Soon my Gerbillic acid will be here.It is the best plant food I have ever used,,It has been around a long time started by the Japanese in the 1800s...
Phillip Meyer S/sgt Ret

Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Blog works..amazing,,,the bird still sits

Amazing I put in my user name and password and actually got in my blog..Considering all the problems I have had with passwords that is the bst thing to happen since i started on computers,
The bird in our back yard is still still sitting on her eggs,,That bird knows eggsactly what she is doing....Another surprise I check my pear tree that did not do anything last year because of a cold spell..This time our pear tree is filled with little pears this is the year for the big harvest,,
The Korean girls loved the last two meals i cook for them.Last night I made hamburgers but just not any hamburger thick ones made from the best meat,and all the best onion tomatoe pickles, along with french fries..Tonight I fix a fish dinner again it all went well.........
Weather on the beach getting warmer......
Phillip Meyer /Sgt Ret

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Bird found a home..(our yard)

We put a bird house in our back yard at least 12 years ago.Some where in the last couple of years I did not put bird food in it..It is on top of a post around five feet high.The last few days I saw birds flying and landing by the bird house,Then this morning I was looking in the yard.On the side of the bird house was this huge nest and a bird laying in it,....Tonight before it got dark the bird was gone so I went out with my camera and look in the nest.In it was three small eggs.
I took pictures of them,,Now I am hoping the bird comes back to sit on her eggs,(Im to heavy)
So now I have to get some bird food to feed Momma bird,,That bird would be horrified to know we ate chicken tonight,.............I am hoping I see that bird sitting on her eggs tommorow,,
Phillip Meyer S/sgt ret

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March Madness

Hello relatives and friends,,,,Last night Merle Ann heard a small explosian...and glass breaking
She went out and did not find anything,In the morning she went down the hall way at the end of the house,My one gallon jug of home made beer had exploded....The glass pieces were found at both ends of the house, From the end bathroom through the laundry hallway in the kitchen and the living room..around 30 feet at least,,,,The beer was made from a "beer kit" Hint do not shake
a bottle when the contents are fermenting,,as I did from time to time,,When I was a teen ager in New Jersey we lived on a small farm,One hot summer day I was in the back room,,There was a just of cider on top a old Victrola (record player) a small window in back It had a cork on it.Curious I picked it up and shook the bottle and put it back,,The hot sun shinning through the window on it,,a few miutes later I heard a loud bang..I looked in the small room the cork was gone and vapor coming from the bottle,,I should have remmebered that,,,
Its still cold on the beach,,,I am hoping it get warm by Easter,,,Phillip Meyer S/sgt Ret.